Request for special discount

Coupon/Special Offer Request Template

SUBJECT: A question about promoting [insert the product name]

Hi [insert recipient’s name],

My name is [insert your name] from [insert website address, if relevant] and I am just about to embark on a promotion of [insert the product name] because I know it’ll be a great fit for my audience.

I’m hoping to get as many sales to you as possible and was wondering if it might be possible to set up a special offer for my readers. I’m not sure if you can do a limited-time coupon code or if there is something else you typically do with affiliates, but I’m very keen on creating a sense of urgency and getting more people on board as your customer. 

Thanks for considering. I’m looking forward to sharing your product! 


[insert your name]

[title, website address]

[insert any contact information like telephone number, Skype, etc. in case they want to get a hold of you]

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