Request for interview

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Interview Request Template

SUBJECT: My readers love [insert the product name] – quick question

Hi [insert recipient’s name],

My name is [insert your name] from [insert website address, if relevant] and I have been sharing[insert the product name] with my readers and they love it. I was wondering if you had about[enter a number, but keep it small… about 15 to 30] minutes for a quick interview.

It would be a great opportunity for my audience to get to know you better and for me to send some more sales your way. 

I think they would be particularly interested in learning [insert some of the questions you want to ask or topics you want to discuss].

I will be able to provide you with the full publishing rights to the audio recording and transcripts of your interview, so you’ll have a polished product to use as you see fit as well. 

I appreciate you taking the time to consider and look forward to talking to you soon. 


[insert your name]

[title, website address]

[insert any contact information like telephone number, Skype, etc. in case they want to get a hold of you]