Networking – at a seminar

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What to Bring and What to Do at a 
Seminar Checklist

If you’re a little nervous about your next (or first) event, here’s a checklist that will help you through. Don’t worry about being perfect… just be yourself. You’ll be fine. The important thing is to get out there and embrace the fact that you’re moving outside your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens. 

What to Bring

Great news… there’s not much that you need to bring. If you’re traveling overnight, you’ll need your clothes and usual items. Other than that, there are just a few things you need. € Don’t worry about business cards, but if you have some, bring them. Unless the event is designed to be self-promotional, leave your brochures and other promotional items at home or just pack a few for when you really need them. € Consider bringing some little gifts. If you’re traveling to a different area of the country or internationally, bring a few souvenirs or local treats. Give these to people you’d like to get to know a bit better. € Something to write with. Whether it’s a notebook and pen, your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you want to be able to record notes and ideas. € Check the event schedule to see if you need a more formal outfit. Sometimes, there are evening networking opportunities and you may want to dress up for them. 

What to Do€ Book your hotel room where the event takes place. € Ask questions (but don’t be nosey… keep it light and casual) and focus on listening. € Don’t hide in your room. Be out there as much as possible. € Talk to a lot of different people, even if it’s hard. You will kick yourself if you waste a bunch of time and money hiding in your hotel room. € Attend all the networking opportunities. Whether there is a cocktail reception, dinner, karaoke part or anything else, go and have fun. € During information sessions, only take notes on ideas and tips that apply to your business. Focus on listening, instead of trying to remember absolutely everything. € Keep calm and think about your wallet when they present “Continuing Education” opportunities. Only buy something if you know it is the right investment for you and it’s an investment you can afford. € Make concrete plans with the people you connect with. Schedule an interview, write them a guest blog post or plan to promote their product. Commit to it and follow through. € Soon after the event, read through your notes and make an action plan based on what you’ve learned. How will put those ideas to work for your business? € Make a plan to do it again soon!