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Interview Pitch Template Instructions & Tips

The enclosed letter template makes it easy for you to create an email to pitch your potential guest about an interview. Here are some basic instructions and tips to keep things detailed, but still as simple as possible. 


Before submitting an interview request, do check if they have any information on their site abouthow to approach them. They may want specific information and/or for you to contact them in a certain way for an interview, so do check this and follow any guidelines closely. 

Instructions:• The template includes red brackets with tips inside for enclosing your information. Remove the brackets and insert your appropriate information before you send a pitch.• Paste the letter into an email – do not send it as an attachment. 

Tips: • Keep your email short and to the point, but do ensure it conveys the following:o How much time you need (15-30 minutes max. on first request)o Who you are and why you decided to contact themo The subject you want to talk about and why they are a good fito If you have high traffic numbers or a large subscriber list, mention ito Tell them they’ll get full rights to the audio recording and the transcript, if possible

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry. The template will take you through all of this.