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Using Your Intelligence to Get Attention

This is going to be a very simple and short lesson. There is no real “how to” for this one because there is no real “how to” for using your own noggin. It’s something that comes naturally, but what I do want to accomplish is to make you aware of opportunities to use all the knowledge and common sense you already have. Also, be conscious of how using it will help yougrow new mutually beneficial relationships.

Speaking up and sharing what you know may allow you to connect with very influential people early on. These people may become mentors, and also help expand your reach by sharing your content with their own followers. 

In some cases, it may be a matter of creating reviews and biographic profiles of certain people you admire. When those profiles hit the top of the search engines, those people will notice. There was an instance where one guy was particularly baffled at how someone else had a better Google ranking for his name than he did… but as a marketer, he realized that it was bringing him traffic and took it as a challenge to try to beat that person out of top position, so a friendly rivalry was created. 

Another example would be contributing to some heated and public debates about people’s products. If you have experience with those products, you can contribute your own reasonable thoughts in defense of your not-yet friends. It may actually cause those people to contact you directly and thank you.  It can open up a new dialogue and friendship. These types of things can be really simple and come naturally, but keeping a cool head and sharing logical thoughts based on actual knowledge, can make you stand out.

It’s funny how things work that way when you’re willing to speak up and say something. 

People really are paying attention online. What you say will be noticed, and if you have something worthwhile to say that attention can be a very positive thing. 

If you’re a bit shy, this can seem daunting, but take baby steps. Start creating product reviews or blog posts that reference other people’s posts. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll become. People like to be acknowledged and to know that others are listening to what they have to say… they’ll appreciate what you do. 

Now before we continue, we have to keep 3 things in mind, just like with all of the other lessons…

Keep in Mind• Be Targeted: Don’t worry about being seen by a lot of people… strive to be seen by the right people. Spend plenty of time thinking about certain subjects and doing your research, so what you have to say is right on target.• Be Prepared: As always, do your research. Understand the topics being discussed and know the background of the person you’re trying to connect with. Knowing all these things will help you have a more intelligent conversation. Add to that, think critically and don’t be afraid to accept new ideas and change your point of view in light of new evidence. The more open-minded and willing you are to discuss the issues, the better discussions you’ll have and the more meaningful connections will be made. • Nurture: This is really just the beginning of the process. Figure out which subjects you could do more with and consider creating blog posts, doing interviews or even having a cross-blog conversation. If you’re not familiar with a cross-blog conversation, it’s where you ask a question on your blog and the other person answers on their blog. In turn, they ask you questions that you then answer on your blog. A full explanation of how this works is on Kelly McCausey’s blog.

And you can always consult this list of other connection ideas here.

Ways to Get Attention

There are plenty of ways to initiate conversations and to get noticed for what you have to say. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. • Blog Commenting: A simple well thought blog comment can go a long way. This is a strategy best used with bloggers who actively respond to the comments they receive. Try to include a question, so you’re more likely to get a response. • Get in Touch: If you have a way to contact the person directly, do it. If you have an email address, Skype contact or whatever it is, use it. Just use this power wisely. Open up a discussion that is likely to be of interest to them and keep it brief, so you don’t take up too much of their time and so that they can decide how deep the conversation will go. • Live Events: If you know the person is going to be attending a local Meetup or seminar in a few states away, go if you can. Face to face contact is invaluable. When you meet, keep things light and focus on topics you’re both interested in. Avoid asking for favors or being too needy… be casual and smart instead. • Your Own Blog Posts: If you see someone writing about a topic of great interest to you, create your own follow-up post. Link to the original post and share your thoughts. Once the post is up, try to get in touch to let the author know you’ve posted some thoughts for them. • Social Media: Don’t just like or retweet, put some thought and effort into your social media activities. If you want to get noticed, post your opinions, offer extra information and go the extra mile. • Ask Intelligent Questions: I’ve already mentioned it briefly before, but asking a question is the most effective way to start a conversation. • Interviews: We’ve done a whole lesson on this one, so you know how to get the ball rolling on interviews. If you see someone discussing something particularly interesting, ask if they’d like to do a quick interview on that subject.• Forums: Good ‘ol fashioned forums and message boards are still around if you look. Finding one where intelligent people connect can be a great boost for your business. • SEO: We mentioned creating reviews and biographical pages that may allow you to connect with some influential people. 

Just remember to be natural. Avoid being pretentious or pushy… simply engage in a conversation.

What to Do Now?

There is no real defined roadmap to this lesson. But here are a few things you should start doing right now. • Make sure you’re following key players in your niche. Subscribe to their mailing lists, blogs and social media. Pay attention to what’s going on and jump in when you have something to say. I often use my downtime away from the computer and catch up on topics on my phone or iPad. • Think about the subjects you know a lot about. Look for discussions on these subjects by key players in your niche, or search Google to see what people are talking about. • If you’re shy, just get out there and be more vocal. After all, no one can bite you through the computer screen. Start making it a daily habit to reach out and start a new discussion every single day. • Consider creating review and biographical content for your website. More content means more eyeballs, and when you’re reviewing products, it means more sales… and the people whose products you’re writing about will notice too. 

All it takes is paying attention to what’s going on around you and sharing your thoughts. It’s really THAT easy. 

Get Feedback

Here are some things you might ask for help with in this lesson:• Ideas for fleshing out your opinions and ideas before you post them.• Feedback on any reviews or biographies you create.• Suggestions for key players to follow in your niche.