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Freebie Offer Checklist

Before contacting anyone about sharing your freebie, go through this checklist first to ensure you dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s. 

Find Targeted Content for Which You Can Offer a Freebie€ Look for blog posts, social media updates, emails, podcasts and other content your audience is currently sharing, and figure out what you can offer to enhance the discussion. Check your email inbox, RSS feeds, social media streams, iTunes and anywhere else you keep track of niche content. 

Do Your Homework and Share First€ Make sure you’ve read/listened to/watched all the relevant content your new contact has been sharing on the topic. Get a very good understanding of what their opinion is and what they’ve already covered. € Share some of that content with your own audience… and share it readily. Things work better when you help someone else first. 

Improve, Customize and/or Plan Your Freebie€ If you have an existing freebie, see what you can do to improve it for the current situation. You might also consider customizing or branding it for the audience you’re trying to reach. € If you’re making a new freebie, it’s time to start planning it. Go back and look at Lesson 7 again for ideas on what types of freebies you can offer. € Make sure you plan a backend for when people claim the freebie, if you don’t have it set up already. You want to collect email addresses when they claim the freebie and follow up with a targeted, hard-to-resist offer. 

Contact the Publisher€ Send the product seller a short, but detailed, message that includes:o Information about the content you’ve been enjoying and why you enjoyed ito Tell them where you’ve shared their contento Share what you would like to offer them and why it’s a good fit.o Tell them you can provide them with an affiliate link and what you’ll be promoting on the backend. Include any stats about conversion, if you have them. o Let them know that you’re interested in sharing more of their content. 

Add the Finishing Touches and Make Sure Your Backend is Fully Ready€ Finish any customization and branding of the freebie, if you haven’t already.€ Set up your new contact’s affiliate link.€ Set up an opt-in, so you can include a promotion on the thank you page and in the follow-up emails. € Make a special limited-time offer to encourage quick purchase (but you will need to update this as the offer expires).€ Create a follow-up series where they receive useful information and tips, but continue to mention the product and your offer as well. Customize the series so it acknowledges where the subscribers came from and reiterate that you’re doing this especially for those customers.

Expanding the Relationship€ Keep sharing each other’s content. Pay attention to what your new friend is publishing and share it readily. € Work together in other ways. You can also reference this list of meaningful ideas here.