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Wowing Their Audience with Free Stuff

Now that we’ve arrived at the seventh lesson of our series, hopefully connecting people with your ideas has become a lot easier. Once you’ve developed the habit of readily sharing ideas, resources and content, you will see your business start growing much more easily. You’ll have to worry less about search engines or where your traffic is going to come from and at the same time, you’ll see your audience and sales volume grow. 

This lesson is not only a continuation of developing those good networking habits, but also of creating great offers that make you and your new partners more money. 

If you haven’t gone through Lesson 3 on “Offering Product Bonuses,” take the time to do so now. It’s very important because it really focuses on ensuring that your free bonus offers translate into sales for you and your partner. If you get results for your new connections, you can bet they’re going to want to work with you more, so it’s important to master that stuff. 

This lesson is going to focus on coming up with creative ideas to get valuable free stuff to new audiences in your target market. 

This Lesson Is Short, But…

This lesson will be relatively short, but that’s because it encompasses information from other lessons that we’ve already covered (particularly Lesson 3)… but don’t be fooled into thinking there’s not much to do in this lesson.  You are encouragedto share your free stuff with as many people as possible and make it a habit to get out there. 

Review Lesson 3 Again

Just remember to read the Bonuses Lesson again, so you set things up right. In particular, check out the sections on:• “Keep in Mind”• “Branding and Monetizing Your Bonus” • “Creating Your Backend Offer”

These will put you in good form for using these ideas. 

Approaching Your Free Stuff Promotion:

There are countless possibilities for offering free content. The most important thing is to be targeted. Keep an eye out for new blog posts, podcast episodes, videos and other content that those in your niche are putting out. When they’re talking about a topic relevant to something you could offer for free, this will likely be a good fit. Make sure it’s as targeted as possible and they’re more likely to share it. 

If it’s not content that is readily available elsewhere on the web for free, and they can see it’s a more exclusive offer, they might be more interested. However, that’s not always necessary. Most online business owners just want to make sure the content is valuable to their audience, so don’t feel you have to create a bunch of content to reap the benefits of this lesson. Get out there and share what you have. You’ll be surprised at the results. 

You can also offer free access to a paid product. Just have the visitors enter a coupon code to claim the product for free. That’s an offer that’s sure to impress, particularly if it’s just what their audience needs. 

But whatever you offer, make sure you have the backend set up, so you can turn more of those free offer claims into buying customers… that means more money for you and your new partner. And when your new partner makes money, they’ll want to work with you over and over again. Furthermore, if you have a free offer that readily converts to sales and you have the data for those conversions, be sure to share that data with your fellow online business owner. 

Free Stuff Ideas:

There are no rules with this stuff, and this isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. But before you go through this list, take an inventory of what you already have. You probably already have a ton of gems that should be getting out there! • Audio Recordings: Whether it’s a recording you already created or a recording you make with a new competitor turned partner. • Webinars: If you have an upcoming webinar and it fits in with what someone is discussing on their own site, tell them about it. Don’t have a webinar coming up? Make one.• Videos: Get more eyeballs on those YouTube videos. Suggest videos that people can embed into their specific posts that you’ve been reading. • Checklists: If you have some checklists handy, provide them. If you can make one that helps your fellow online business owner’s audience consume their content, make it. • Worksheets: Worksheets and brainstorming sheets are always a great extra. Why not provide one or make one for a new audience?• Spreadsheets: If a spreadsheet can make putting plans into action easier, provide or make one and give it away. • Software and Apps: If you have a free software or app solution, don’t be afraid to share it with your fellow online business owner. • Reports: If you’ve been running an online business for a few years, it’s amazing how many reports you’ve probably accumulated over that period. Unfortunately, most of them get completely forgotten after a little while, so sharing them with new contacts is a great way to revitalize them. Don’t have any reports? Make one or find some PLR content that will be useful. • Full Products and Courses: As mentioned, there’s nothing stopping you from giving someone else’s audience access to a product that people normally have to pay for. Of course, if you do this make sure you have a backend set up, so they’ll be motivated to buy. That way both you and your new connection make money.• Tickets to Live Events: If you’re holding a live event, why not share some tickets? More cheeks in the seats are always a good thing. • Brainstorming Sessions / Q&As: If you’re an expert on a topic that your new connection has been talking about, why not get together for a brainstorming or question and answer session? Invite both your audiences and get that brainpower flowing. • Sweepstakes and Contests: Not everyone is keen on giveaways, but some people love them. You could set up a random draw or even a special contest where people can win your product. 

Those are just a few ideas…so get out there. Don’t be shy. Start sharing your free content. 

How to Approach Your Fellow Online Business Owner: 

As noted before, the best results will come when you’re super-targeted. If you have a home repair ebook, and you contact a home repair blogger and tell them about your book, your results might be disappointing. But if they’ve been writing a series of posts on tile repair and you have tile repair video, they’re more likely to share that highly topical and targeted information.

Your success will depend in part on how you contact each new potential partner. It seems a bit gauche and self-promotional to post publicly on someone’s blog or social media post and say, “I have this free widget I’d like to share with your readers.” They might be wary, of competitors or might think you’re just trying to use their virtual real estate to promote yourself. Instead, keep the conversation as private as possible. Find contact forms or send a private message. 

And remember, the more you get to know people in your niche, the easier it will be to connect with other people directly. Just think, if you have 5 friends in your niche, the chances of having access to the direct contact information for someone new you want to meet go much higher. So keep building that network. It’s so worth it. 

Just let them know that you’ve been keeping up with their video series, reading their blog posts or whatever it is. Let them know where you’ve shared their content (do this by email, on your blog, on social media and more). Then suggest that you have the perfect complement to their content, and that their audience can get free access. And, of course, tell them about the backend you’ve set up, so they can earn some cash by spreading the word. 

Easy peasy… now get out and do it. 

What to Do Now?1. Take an inventory of some valuable freebies, products and other items that you could offer. 2. Start by looking at your email inbox, RSS feed and social media streams a bit more. What are people in your niche talking about, and what freebies can you offer? 3. Figure out how your content can help fill in some gaps or add more value. If you don’t have something all ready, what could you create? 4. Share some of the great content they’re putting out with your own audience. Do them a favor first. 5. Contact your fellow online business owner and tell them what you have to offer. Include information about the backend, if applicable… I hope it is applicable!6. Repeat and nurture the relationships you make for maximum benefit. 

Get Feedback

Here are some things you might ask for help with in this lesson.• Given your niche and your audience, are you offering targeted freebies? What could you develop or how could you improve your existing freebie?• Help figuring out how to get direct contact information for someone you want to contact.