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Bonus Offer Pitch Template Instructions & Tips

The enclosed letter template makes it easy for you to create an email to pitch your bonus product offer. Here are some basic instructions and tips to keep things detailed, but as simple as possible. 


Before sending the email, do your homework. Buy their product and get to know it as well as possible.  

Instructions:• The template includes red brackets with tips inside for enclosing your information. Remove the brackets and insert your appropriate information.• Paste the letter into an email and do not send it as an attachment. 

Tips: • Keep your email short and to the point, but do ensure it conveys the following:o That you are a customer and why you like their product.o What you would like to offer them and why it’s a good fit.o Tell them there are no strings attached, just a free offer link you’d like to include.o If the content is exclusive for them. If it’s not, no need to mention it. o Let them know that you’ll be promoting their product as well.

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry. The template will take you through all of this.