Bonuses – checklist

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Creating Bonus Offers Checklist

Before contacting anyone about offering a bonus for their product, go through this list to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered.

Finding a Targeted Product You Could Offer a Bonus For€ See what products those in your niche are creating and find one that is highly targeted to a product offer you could make. 

Deciding What to Offer€ Purchase the product if possible so that you understand exactly what it’s about and how you could enhance that product. € Decide if you already have a product or piece of content that would work well or if you need to create something original.€ Decide on the format of the new content and create an outline if you aren’t developing the product in full at this time. € Target the content to the target audience as much as possible, even if you aren’t creating something from scratch. Address the audience directly and include examples that will make the most sense to them. 

Contact the Product Seller

Send the product seller a short, but detailed message that includes:€ That you are a current customer, and why you like their product.€ What you would like to offer them and why it’s a good fit.€ Tell them there are no strings attached, just a free offer link you’d like to include.€ If the content is exclusive for them. If it’s not, no need to mention it. € Let them know that you’ll be promoting their product as well.

Finish Up Your Product and Create Your Backend€ If the bonus product isn’t fully ready, finish it up now. € Include your free offer in the bonus and use the product seller’s affiliate link. If you’re making a document or free report, use the template provided below. € Make a special limited-time offer to encourage quick purchase (but you will need to update this as the offer expires).€ Offer a special discount and/or special bonuses for these customers only.€ Add the product offer to the thank you page after they sign up for the free offer. € Add the product offer in the automated email they receive after they sign up for your free offer.€ Create a follow up series where they receive useful information and tips, but continue to mention the product and your offer as well. Customize the series so it acknowledges where the customers came from and reiterate that you’re doing this especially for them.

Expanding the Relationship€ You can offer more goodies for the same product or subsequent one. € Get together for an exclusive interview for their customers that expands some of the ideas in the bonus product. € Always PROMOTE the product you are offering a bonus for. It creates goodwill and more sales for both of you. € Work together in other ways. Here is a list of meaningful ideas.