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Rocking Their Affiliate Program… Even if You Have a Small Audience

There are many instances where having a large list or a ton of website traffic can be a tremendous advantage. Doing an affiliate promotion for someone else’s product can be one of those instances. But you can still grab attention of your would-be competitors by singing the praises of their products and bringing new customers to them… even if you don’t have a huge audience to start with. 

This lesson is going to be all about using your genius and creativity to make a splash with someone’s affiliate program – and grow your list at the same time. A couple lessons ago, we talked about using your intelligence, and in this lesson we’ll be kicking it into high gear. So fasten your seat belt, it’s time to get things going. 

Let’s look at why this is a good relationship-building strategy.

Benefits to You:• Show yourself as a “player” in online marketing and get the product seller’s attention. • You get to make commissions… hopefully, a lot of them. • You’ll grow your list, and that has lasting value. • You’ll establish yourself as a provider of quality content with your audience. • The product seller might just return the favor and promote you. • A new relationship with someone in your niche. 

Benefit to the Product Seller:• They will see increased sales. • They will get more exposure for their name and help build brand recognition.• They’ll get to know about a great new potential business partner… you! 

Now before you rush in and start promoting, we always have 3 points to think about and they are targeting, preparedness and planning for the future…

Keep in Mind• Be Targeted: Now, just because you see someone in your niche that you’d like to get to know, and you believe they have a great product, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should choose that product. If you promote a product that your audience won’t be terribly excited about, you’re going to water down your results tremendously. Always keep your audience in mind and look for products that are the best fit for them. What problems do they have and what products can you promote to help them solve those problems? • Be Prepared: Wherever possible, purchase the product and review it thoroughly. If it’s not feasible to buy it, then do your homework thoroughly. Look for product reviews, investigate the seller and ensure you have a good handle on what you’re promoting. If it’s a downloadable product, you might even approach the seller for a review copy and tell them your plans for promotion. • Nurture: Don’t just promote and forget it, take the next step and actually get in touch. Depending on your promotion approach, you might get in touch before you promote or while you’re promoting, but if you don’t, make sure you get in touch after. Let them know your readers are really enjoying the product, approach them for an interview or open up a meaningful dialog in some way. 

Keeping those things in mind, there are many ways you can start promoting their products. Let’s now discuss some of them. 

How to Promote Their Products

If you have a large audience already, you can certainly just pick and choose a few of these and you’ll probably get some great results. If you have a smaller audience, you’ll have to make a more concerted effort and clear your schedule to focus on the promotion over several weeks. The great thing is, if you use the ideas in this guide, you’ll be providing your readers with plenty of helpful content that they’ll be thanking you for. • Get your hands on the product. Your first step is to get your hands on the product, so go buy it. You could possibly ask for a review copy, but unless you know the seller readily gives out review copies, it’s probably best to buy it yourself. Once you have the product, use and review it thoroughly.• Contact them and ask for a special coupon. If they do landing pages, get one. One you have the product in your hands and have reviewed it, this is the perfect time to get in touch with the seller. To have the most success with a promotion, you want to have two important things:o A targeted offer: Many independent product sellers will create landing pages that include your name, and they might even add a video from you or a special product bonus to make it as personal as possible. Obviously, you don’t want them to spend hours working on something if you’re unsure of the number of sales you’re going to send, but you can be honest with them and let them know you plan to promote their product over the long term and continue to bring sales. o A sense of urgency: If your readers feel compelled to take advantage of an offer right now, they’ll be more likely to do so. Many people will put off purchases thinking they’ll come back later, but then they never do. If you can secure a coupon, a special price or add some limited time bonuses to the product offer, you’ll probably have much better results. • Use the product yourself and be a case study. People make buying decisions based on social proof, and what better social proof is there than if you use the product yourself and show your results? For example, if you’re promoting a weight loss product, keep track of your progress, share photos and more. If you talk the talk and walk the walk, more people will get on board to join you. • Do a complete product review. Conduct and publish a complete product review. Provide as much detail as possible so that your readers can make an informed buying decision. A thorough product review is another form of social proof because it shows you know your stuff. • Offer a highly relevant bonus. If you really believe in the product and want to get the seller’s attention, over-deliver with a bonus that really complements the product. Remember our lesson on offering product bonuses? It’s a good time to review that, so you can put together something valuable for your readers. • Write content designed to promote the product. If you’re promoting a product on meal planning, for example, write blog posts and other content that will get your readers interested in meal planning and which shows them how much time and money they can save by doing so. Publish the content on your blog, in your newsletter and share it on social media. And don’t just stop at one blog post. Keep the momentum going and grow your reader’s interest on the subject. • Have your content published on other sites. Add the content you write to article directories or other places that will accept your content with an affiliate link.• Set up a mailing list, just to promote the product. If you want the most targeted buyers possible, make a list of them. Offer a free report, audio recording or video in return for their opt-in. See if the product seller offers some type of valuable content that affiliates can give away… many do. Then create a follow-up series that continues to educate your subscribers and promotes the product. • Use your thank you pages and thank you emails. One of the best places to make a targeted offer is on a thank you page, and in the automated emails you send out to them thanking them for their subscription or purchase. Use these valuable pieces of virtual real estate to make an offer for the products. Do this for all your relevant mailing lists and if you sell complementary products, add a promotion to the follow up on those purchases. • Set up a pay-per-lead affiliate program to grow the list. If you want to grow your list faster, you can set up an affiliate program where your affiliates receive a referral fee for each new person that opts in to the list. Many affiliate program systems offer a pay-per-lead option. • Purchase advertising, and track it. You can also advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other sites in order to bring more people to your offer and to grow your list quickly. Just make sure to track all your ads, so you know which ones are performing well. • Promote the product to your regular mailing list too. For the duration of your promotion you’re probably going to create and/or share a lot of content, but you also need to push a little harder if you want to make a good number of sales. Don’t just hide your promotions inside content or with other newsletter tidbits. Make a solo mailing offer to tell them directly about the product, why you recommend it and where they should go get it. Add a sense of urgency to the offer for even greater results. • Follow up often. You need to follow up on any solo offers. In fact, you should follow up more than once. Always include more helpful information in your follow ups and your readers will appreciate it. For example, include creative ideas for using the product or other tips they’ll find helpful. • Add the promotion and follow ups to your autoresponder. Once the initial promotion is over, don’t let it go stale if you got good results. Add your promotional emails to an autoresponder series so your newer subscribers will also benefit from learning about the product. • Use the tools provided. Many affiliate programs include graphics, articles, reports and other useful content that you can share with your readers. Check for these and use them. If you don’t see any content provided in the affiliate center, ask them if they have something you can share. • Make videos. Show yourself using the product, or use video to show your progress, where appropriate. Adding multimedia content to your promotion campaign can have great results. Add your video to YouTube and other video sharing sites for extra exposure. • Make podcasts or audio recordings. Reach your audience with the product in as many ways as possible. Create informative audio recordings, interview the product seller (see below) and more. Add your podcast to iTunes and other podcasting sites. • Interview. If your readers are responding well to the product and the content you’re sharing, ask the product seller if you can interview them. It could be a webinar, pre-recorded podcast or even a written interview, if you prefer. • Create Pinterest and social media graphics. It’s easy to put together visual striking images that are readily shared on social media. You can gather up thought-provoking quotes from the product seller, includes tips about the subject matter and more. If you’re not a graphics whiz, you can try this Social Graphics Pro software. It’s super easy to use. 

There is no shortage of ideas, and by focusing on publishing great content and making targeted promotions you’ll do well with the promotion. Just make sure you continue to work to grow your list and keep the momentum going by following up. 

What to Do Now?

Is there a product seller that you’d like to impress AND you know that your audience would love their product? This is where you want to start. Just choose one product and put all your efforts into that. 

Here are some action steps for you:Find the Product: Select the product and brainstorm the many reasons why your readers would love it. If you can’t come up with a lot of reasons, move onto something else. Keep that list of reasons because it will help you create your product promotions as you go along. o Get the Product: Purchase the product and review it thoroughly. Make sure you know it inside and out. Also, take the time to get to know the seller as well, through their website, mailing list, social media and more. o Get in Touch: Now’s a good time to get in touch and see if there is any special content you can share with your list. You can also ask for a coupon code or limited special offer and even have them create a simple landing page for you. o Plan Your List Building and Follow Through: The first step is to grow a list of targeted buyers. Figure out what free offer you’ll be making and start promoting it. o Write Down and Schedule a Promotion Plan: Over the next few weeks, write down the content you’re going to publish, and the direct promotions you’ll be making. Plan your blog posts, videos, reports, recordings, solo mailings and more. Always work to make each of your audience members a more informed buyer, so they can make the best decision for themselves. And remember, to always follow up. Remind people about your content, where to get the product and more. o Keep it GoingIf your audience responds favorably, invite the product sell for an interview. Ask them what other content you could publish or share? See if they have other products you could promote. 

There is an Affiliate Marketing Checklist that is included with this lesson, which will help you keep all the steps you need to take in one place. 

The beauty of this plan is that not only will you make some sales, but you’ll grow your audience and establish yourself as a valuable source of information too. It can be a lot of work, but it’ll be well worth it. 

Get Feedback

Here are some things you might ask for help with in this lesson.• Feedback on the product you want to promote. Are you unsure if it’s a good fit for your audience? • What type of freebies should you offer to build your list? • Feedback on your promotion plan.