Affiliate promotion – checklist

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Affiliate Promotion Checklist

The key to success with an affiliate promotion is focus. Focus on one product at a time, and shape your content, emails and everything you do around the appropriate subject matter that will sell the product. This checklist is designed to help you, no matter the size of your audience, to start getting good results for with your promotions, so you can grab the attention of product sellers in your niche. € Step 1: Find the Product: Select the product and brainstorm the many reasons why your readers would love it. If you can’t come up with a lot of reasons, move onto something else. € Step 2: Get the Product: Purchase the product and review it thoroughly. Make sure you know it (and the seller) inside and out. € Step 3: Get in Touch: Ask the seller if there is any special content you can share with your list. Also ask for a coupon code or limited special offer, and even if they can create a simple landing page for you. € Step 4: Plan Your List Building and Follow Through: The first step is to grow a list of targeted buyers. Figure out what free offer you’ll be making and start promoting it. € Step 5: Write Down and Schedule a Promotion Plan: Over the next few weeks, write down the content you’re going to publish, and the direct promotions you’ll be making. Plan your blog posts, videos, reports, recordings, solo mailings and more. 

Use a piece of paper, write down your list, add it to your Google calendar, your whiteboard or whatever works for you. Just make sure you have the plan written in full, including all the dates you’ll be publishing each piece. 

Here are some things to include in your plan. • Publish updates about how you’ve used the product and how it’s working for you.• Create an in-depth review and demonstration of the product. • Add a bonus that helps your audience use the product better. See the lesson on “Offering Product Bonuses” for ideas. • Write and publish content designed to create awareness and interest in the product. • Make a free opt-in offer to build a list of targeted buyers. • Add promotions to your thank you pages and thank you emails. • Set up a pay-per-lead affiliate program to grow your list.• Purchase advertising to promote your free opt-in offer. • Use the content and promotion tools provided by the affiliate seller. Make a schedule to publish their articles, reports and other content. • Make videos, recordings and other multimedia content. • Ask the product seller for an interview. • Plan and schedule follows up to your promotion. You’ll always make more sales when you follow up. € Step 6: Keep it Going: If your audience responds favorably, invite the product seller for an interview. Ask them what other content you could publish or share? See if they have other products you could promote.